First Draft


After a very disheartening start to the week I finally have the first drafts and toile made. As a beginner it was evident that there would be adjustments to make, fittings to a life model made the job easier and gave an understanding of how the natural shape of the body should fit to a garment. Most of the adjustments were made to necklines, collars and length. Including a minor re-placement of the side pockets to outer wear. As this is the first time I am attempting to make outer wear it was important to have guidance from tutors. Overall I am pleased with the outcomes but naturally I will have to revisit patterns as the garment evolves. It has at times been very stressful, as a lot of the work at this stage in my degree is self led learning. I have understood from the toile stage that many of the mistakes I have made on the pattern is because of my perception of how the garment should look. The solution to this problem was to find similar garments in my own wardrobe and study the construction of them. Overall this week has been a major learning curve for me and I have realised that most of my interest lies within pattern cutting and construction.


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