Mood & Inspiration



A mood board is a great way to convey inspiration and ideas, it can be difficult to communicate to an audience the feelings of a collection verbally so an inspiration board is a good visual aid of the overall theme.

The initial inspiration for my collection came from living in the south of France for many years and witnessing the personal connection it has held to life and its aftermath of WWII, much of which is evident through many of its monuments erected along the beautiful Cote d’Azur. It is also a well-known fact that the French have a distinctive style and much of that style is attributed to beautifully tailored clothes, so much so that even thought out a very difficult and brutal period in history, the women of France showed a level of defiance through their attire. The concept of strong women taking a dominant role in the face of adversity during WWII and adopting the roles of men is something I wanted to convey in my collection through the use of masculine fabrics. I have taken the silhouette of 1940’s fashion and adapted them to a modern-day working women.

It is evident that along my journey many of the initial concepts and designs will adapt but I hope the essence of my original ideas will be consistent.


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