Begin Again


Learning technical pattern cutting is not only complicated but takes years of practice and patience. I on the other hand have had what only can be described as, a crash course! Over coming the challenges faced has not only given me an enormous feeling of accomplishment but a belief in myself. Pattern design and cutting is a skill that I have always wanted to master and of late I’ve felt my confidence growing, I am suddenly able to solve what seemed like complicated construction problems that have previously been a huge challenge. After a deflated and quite frankly lack lustre start this week has been focused on understanding my weaknesses and formulating a plan to maximise my time constructively to learn. It was evident that my failure lies in not getting the mathematics correct, a key factor in successful pattern construction. By recording the findings and being able to go back over where my mistakes are, I’m able to understand how the dimensions of the body have a direct influence on the pattern. I only hope that the outcomes I find and master will reflect the determination and effort that has been put into this now very personal project.


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