No One Size Fits All!

It’s said that it takes an employer 8.8 seconds to be impressed or not by a persons CV. However true this little gem of information may be, it only adds to the fact that it’s a nerve wracking, emotional experience composing a document that could potentially be the key to your dream job.

Adapting my CV has been a little harder than anticipated as my previous experience in the work force had little to do with my now chosen career path. Being fully aware that I need to capture the reader’s attention in the first few lines by way of a personal statement while trying to let my personality shine through and without sounding like I have my own brass band playing has been my first hurdle to overcome. Having to refer to myself in the third party, I have chosen to mention the positive aspects of my personality and work ethic that I can bring to any job.

Listing my key skills and achievements specific to the roles being applied for in my chosen area had to be also reworked, to solve this problem I have mentioned the experience I’ve gained previously that I think are specific to the job I’m applying for and again structured this to my own advantage by editing and mentioning only what’s relevant.

Sample CV

Sample CV


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