A New quest!


Life as an academic can be very daunting at the best of times, throw into the mix the task of finding an internship and you have the perfect recipe for meltdown mode. This is exactly the stage I am about to embark on, internship year!

Being a mature student and having already had a working career, all be it nothing to do with the field I’m studying for now, I find myself very nervous at the prospect of going up against other graduate students and fighting for a place in the arena. Even while saying this I am conscious that there is a positive advantage in my favour, I have experience in the workplace, which is a factor I can capitalize on.

The week was kicked off with the first of a series of seminars designed to help with the search of internship placements. By identifying the type of work placements that were of interest we were able to narrow down the possibilities and focus on that particular sector. With the use of the Internet, publications, personal sources and career advisors as a starting point, we could then focus our research on particular companies and their contacts. It was stressed during the seminar that being realistic in our capabilities when looking for a placement was important, remembering to walk before we can run.

Now to set out on my quest for the perfect internship placement…


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